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Friday, February 12, 2010

Radish leaf Raita

I love making raita. It is the simplest way to dress up a lazy meal and impossible to do wrong. Have you ever had a bad raita?
This one is made with radish leaves, coriander and cucumber. I would have loved to add green chili but have to be mindful of my one year old daughter who eats home food instead of Gerber.

-2 cups yogurt, whipped
-1 cucumber peeled and grated
-a few radish leaves, washed and chopped fine
- few sprigs coriander, ditto
-1 green chilli, optional
-raita seasoning (mine is just roasted cumin, coarsely ground and salted)

Mix all ingredients well.

I loved the bite that the radish leaves provide against the mellow, watery taste of cucumber. It's also a nice way to use the whole produce.

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